Bi3 Technologies was recognised as one of the Smart50 – Fastest Growing Companies

How Bi3 Technologies started

Shahnewaz Khan, Rodney Agassi, Thiru Ps and Michael Tanuhardja were confident they could offer better services in data and analytics than what was in the market when they launched Bi3 Technologies.

Focused on rapidly speeding up the time to market, the Bi3 model has three pillars it balances: insight, impact and innovation.


The company’s headcount has swelled to 100 since its last inclusion in The Smart50 Awards, with a whopping 60 new employees added in the last 12 months.

For the founders, it has been a tricky balancing act to maintain the startup ‘vibe’, client intimacy and service levels while also fuelling growth. 

Where to next

It’s hard to separate fads from forever changes in tech, and pick winners from competing software platforms. 

Bi3 Technologies is betting on better video analytics to drive growth moving forward, while investing more in sales and marketing to expand its own growth pipeline.

Source: Bi3 Technologies – The Smart50 Awards 2023 (


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Shahnewaz Khan

10 years of experience with BI and Analytics delivery.

Shahnewaz is a technically minded and accomplished Data management and technology leader with over 19 years’ experience in Data and Analytics.


  • Data Science
  • Strategic transformation
  • Delivery management
  • Data strategy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Big data
  • Cloud transformation
  • Data governance. 

Highly skilled in developing and executing effective data strategies, conducting operational analysis, revamping technical systems, maintaining smooth workflow, operating model design and introducing change to organisational programmes. A proven leader with remarkable efficiency in building and leading cross-functional, cross-region teams & implementing training programmes for performance optimisation. 

Thiru Ps

Solution/ Data/ Technical / Cloud Architect

Thiru has 15+ years experience in the business intelligence community and has worked in a number of roles and environments that have positioned him to confidently speak about advancements in corporate strategy, analytics, data warehousing, and master data management. Thiru loves taking a leadership role in technology architecture always seeking to design solutions that meet operational requirements, leveraging existing operations, and innovating data integration and extraction solutions.

Thiru’s experience covers;

  • Database integration architecture
  • Big data
  • Hadoop
  • Software solutions
  • Data analysis, analytics, and quality. 
  • Global markets


In addition, Thiru is particularly equipped to handle global market shifts and technology advancements that often limit or paralyse corporations having worked in the US, Australia and India.