Managed Services & Operations

We provide managed service / operations for your data platforms and analytics solutions.



Identifying and Managing Operational Risk

We meticulously identify potential shortcomings in operational environments, documenting their impact and assigning clear ownership for mitigation. Regular cadences track actions taken, while automation and self-healing capabilities minimise recurring incidents. Our strong incident and problem management processes provide robust leadership in managing operational risk.

Embracing a DevOps Mentality

Our engineers embody a DevOps mindset, not only supporting changes but also delivering them. With a keen eye for improvement opportunities, they implement strategic enhancements in a resilient manner, ensuring continuous optimisation of operations.

Leveraging Agile Delivery Techniques

Agile delivery techniques drive collaboration and process improvement. We facilitate daily stand-ups to swiftly address blockers and leverage Agile methodologies for accurate resource forecasting and improved planning. Retrospectives and root cause analyses ensure lessons learned are applied to prevent recurring issues.

Effective Project and Account Management

With a senior leadership team boasting extensive project management experience, we offer comprehensive project management services. From budget and resource management to risk mitigation and quality assurance, our service offering encompasses all aspects of effective project delivery.

Nurturing Talent

Our HR team meticulously selects high-calibre engineers and invests in their ongoing development. Technical leaders provide training in the latest technologies and encourage certification attainment, ensuring our team remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritise understanding our clients’ businesses intimately, tailoring our support to minimise disruptions and maximise value. By listening attentively to our customers, we ensure our services align seamlessly with their needs and goals.


Managed Service & Operational Excellence | Industry: Property Management

Business Problem

A large consultancy had delivered a Databricks platform, and the proposed managed service costs where too high to maintain.The issue at hand

  • Loss of IP.
  • Lack of internal expertise to determine if platform was best practice.
  • Long backlog of reports to deliver.
  • Poor data quality.
  • Reports not meeting SLAs.


  • Quickly deployed a team to acquire knowledge of platform and reports (mitigated IP loss).
  • Addressed implementation shortcomings which were causing data quality and stability issues.
  • Worked with Databricks to agree a path to simplifying architecture and creating efficiencies (Including Unity Catalog rollout).
  • Built confidence in the business by quickly delivering critical reports, providing deliver dates for the backlog, and proactive status reports.
  • Leveraged resources in India to reduce the cost of change and operations.

Why Bi3?

Specialised Skills : Our architects and engineers have a deep understanding of data and how to build stable, secure, and high performing data platforms.

Proactive Approach : Many vendors wait for instructions before taking action. We know our clients rely on us for success.We move quickly to provide the guidance required.

Cost Effective : Utilised our global workforce to reduce cost of change and scale resources quickly.

“When we have all data online it will be great for humanity. It is a prerequisite to solving many problems that humankind faces.

Robert Cailliau
Informatics engineer and computer scientist who helped to develop the World Wide Web

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Shahnewaz Khan

10 years of experience with BI and Analytics delivery.

Shahnewaz is a technically minded and accomplished Data management and technology leader with over 19 years’ experience in Data and Analytics.


  • Data Science
  • Strategic transformation
  • Delivery management
  • Data strategy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Big data
  • Cloud transformation
  • Data governance. 

Highly skilled in developing and executing effective data strategies, conducting operational analysis, revamping technical systems, maintaining smooth workflow, operating model design and introducing change to organisational programmes. A proven leader with remarkable efficiency in building and leading cross-functional, cross-region teams & implementing training programmes for performance optimisation. 

Thiru Ps

Solution/ Data/ Technical / Cloud Architect

Thiru has 15+ years experience in the business intelligence community and has worked in a number of roles and environments that have positioned him to confidently speak about advancements in corporate strategy, analytics, data warehousing, and master data management. Thiru loves taking a leadership role in technology architecture always seeking to design solutions that meet operational requirements, leveraging existing operations, and innovating data integration and extraction solutions.

Thiru’s experience covers;

  • Database integration architecture
  • Big data
  • Hadoop
  • Software solutions
  • Data analysis, analytics, and quality. 
  • Global markets


In addition, Thiru is particularly equipped to handle global market shifts and technology advancements that often limit or paralyse corporations having worked in the US, Australia and India.